Getting ready for the Bounce.

Here in Connecticut, we know that two days after a bad snowstorm or hurricane, consumers break their “cabin fever” with visits to retailers of all definitions. There is an immediate uptick in consumer spending. By the close of May, consumers will have been “home + safe,” for two months and the two-day cabin fever buying behavior will be exponentially greater. 

Some business operations, pending health protocols, will be up to speed faster than others, but undeniably consumers will be seeking relationships with providers that answer needs. 

Now, a few weeks out from changes in our restrictions is time to get ready for a rebounding economy: to get ready for the bounce

What does that mean? 

– Up your social media game, start creating cautious desire

Increase your email lists, while people are still spending significant screen time and invite them to get “insider information” by enrolling in emails/texts

Refresh your website with engaging images, content, and new resources that balance the social distancing behavior and best practices (online or in-person, we’ve got ya covered)

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Consumers will still want to be smart about time in public, so partnerships that limit trips are smart

Hire smartly. Whether no longer wanted to commute to major metros, or realizing that life is too short to do a job they don’t love, some amazing talent will be looking for good opportunities. Now is the time to Zoom into those interviews and meet your future, growth team. 

Create emotional attachment. If you were closed and truly need returning customers, let them know. Build start-up cash with gift card sales, ASK FOR BUSINESS and be transparent about your need, you will get support. If you have weathered the storm better than most, give back, help others.

Click here to register for our Bounce webinar with the Women’s Business Development Council on May 18th at 2:00 PM.

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