CIRMA Launches

When CIRMA first came to us on March 20, 2020 with the idea to create a central hub of curated information pertaining to COVID-19, Miranda Creative was up to the challenge. As CIRMA’s strategic marketing partner since August of last year, we also saw their need for a carefully-designed, single-source platform to help their members easily access important information and navigate the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. And in less than two weeks, was born. 

Due to the timely essence of this project, the Miranda Creative team quickly designed a blog-based site solution for users to easily navigate mature and germane content. Swiftly thereafter, about 20 pieces of post content were curated and produced in collaboration between our team and CIRMA’s while the site was in development. 

Site content was strategically organized to be always one click away and sorted through four-pillar categories — Claims, Risk Management, Coverage, and Trending. From beginning to site launch, it took our team roughly eight days to produce the eye-catching and mobile-responsive site that is 

The site has proven successful in increasing engagement with members, both qualitatively and quantitatively. 

April Martin, CIRMA’s Director of Marketing expressed her gratitude to us post-site launch: “The experience with Miranda Creative has been nothing short of incredible and I couldn’t be more grateful for our partnership.” We couldn’t agree more! Click here to visit the site.