Burris Logistics

Burris Logistics is an end-to-end supply chain solutions provider of choice for national wholesalers and direct-to-consumer brands across the U.S. With multiple business lines in a multibillion-dollar industry, Burris Logistics found itself in need of unification from the inside out.

The Challenge

Following a significant brand acquisition, Burris Logistics identified the need to unite as one organization. For the process to succeed externally, it first had to succeed internally. Burris Logistics also needed a way to clearly communicate to potential clients the vast resources it offers throughout the supply chain management process.

The Strategy

Over the course of our relationship with Burris Logistics, we were able to develop an internal-facing internet system known as ONEBURRIS — designed to unite more than 20 locations throughout the U.S. and to prepare the organization for future growth.

We worked with the client to launch an outward-facing campaign called “One Partner. Many Solutions.®” This messaging speaks to the diverse range of services offered through the combined resources under the Burris Logistics brand, demonstrating its ability to provide solutions for all aspects of supply chain management through united efforts, communications, and partnerships.

The Work

ONEBURRIS is a non-Google searched web portal that shares information across over 2,000 employees using a variety of devices and speaking several languages. Part of new employee orientation is to have employees enroll in both email and text to receive regular weekly updates to help build and strengthen Burris’ culture and values.

To communicate this message, we created a new BurrisLogistics.com website that features each of the service lines right on the home page. We also created a series of coordinating collateral materials, presentation templates, and trade show equipment to be used when meeting with potential clients.