Parkville Market

Miranda Creative has been instrumental in shaping the success story of Parkville Market, a vibrant revitalization initiative in Hartford’s diverse neighborhood. Despite challenges posed by the pandemic, we crafted a compelling brand identity, attracted top-notch vendors, and fostered community excitement. Our comprehensive approach spans from establishing brand standards to amplifying social media presence, resulting in significant growth and engagement. Noteworthy achievements include well-defined brand standards, impactful legislative materials aiding successful funding, and accolades from esteemed industry bodies. Through strategic media relations, we’ve garnered widespread recognition, reinforcing Parkville Market’s status as a thriving cultural hub and culinary destination.

The Challenge

Parkville Market, the first food hall in Connecticut, opened in February 2020. Prior to its launch, we spent two years working with the Market to develop its original brand (and brand voice across all media) and accompanying website. We wanted to position the Market as being well-known and highly anticipated by the time it opened so that it would hit the ground running with success.

The Strategy

After a period of discovery, getting to know the mission and goals of the Market and what vibe it wanted to convey, we designed an array of brand concepts, three of which were fully vetted into mocked-up applications/products.The chosen concept was the cutting board design. We then developed clear brand standards and applied the design to actual products.

But strategic support didn’t stop after brand development.

The Work

Miranda Creative doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We worked with the client to develop a brand that not only met their vision but stood apart from all the rest. After a successful launch, we applied the brand across social media platforms and developed universal, physical applications, including business cards, stickers, brochures, infographic flyers, and more. This work also included the development of templates and guides in both Canva and Mailchimp, empowering the Market team to create on-brand graphics to meet timely needs.

We also don’t believe in outsourcing our sites to other vendors or offshore providers. We have a team of dedicated web developers that create sites here in Connecticut and they are available for direct conversations with clients. For this site, we created what is called a “fixed screen” function where the content scrolls up in pre-fixed screen views. This is an edgy site for an edgy new product — Connecticut’s first food hall. Note the unique positioning of the logo. All lower level pages are fully self-managed by the client, and they are extremely pleased with the results.

This has been an incredibly joyful experience for both sides of the table.

The Results

From the logo creation to the completed brand identity system, our brand design won several awards with Graphic Design USA, Connecticut Ad Club, and the Connecticut Art Directors Club.

And since its website launch, the Market has yielded well over a 500,000 page views and nearly 110,000 unique visitors. The Market continues to grow brand awareness and patrons through our creative partnership.