Hartford Public Library

Founded in 1774, the Hartford Public Library has been a leader in redefining the urban library experience with diverse community-focused programs. Arriving at an anniversary two years older than the country itself, the library joined forces with Miranda Creative to reimagine its branding, seeking a new visual identity that not only reflects HPL’s past but illuminates its dynamic future.

The Challenge

To start the new year and milestone with a brand worthy of the historic moment — 250 years — that can define the library for decades to come. To design a universally recognizable and accessible brand system that engages and is enjoyed by present and future generations of the entire community.

The Strategy

With extensive research and discovery of the library, its values, and its impact on the City of Hartford, Miranda Creative generated concepts that nod to the historic past while looking ahead into its future. This process was guided by community feedback to help tailor the end result to something that uniquely showcased the spirit of Hartford Public Library. 

On January 3rd, 2024, alongside Mayor Arunan Arulampalam and nearly 100 library supporters, Miranda Creative helped HPL launch the new year and new community-backed brand with a press event/brand launch. This event was featured on NBC Connecticut, WTNH, The Hartford Courant, and Hearst newspapers and was also profiled in a number of design industry publications.

The Work

To capture an organization that is continually evolving and growing, the library’s comprehensive brand includes various pieces: logos, icons, a website, motion graphics, and marketing materials to help promote the brand in person and online. 

In commemoration of the library’s milestone anniversary, the brand system also includes a 250th-year variable of exclusive icons and logo variations that spotlight the historical milestone and enhance the festivities of this celebration year.

The Results

After a successful launch, the brand has received nearly universal positive feedback from the community and in the past. The brand has been celebrated throughout the city as a symbol of community pride. Miranda Creative is incredibly proud of the work produced for the Hartford Public Library — from concept to launch — and looks forward to its continued propagation throughout the community. 

hartford public library rebranded by miranda creative