Our Process

A step-by-step approach to ensure flawless execution.


the goals

Every project starts with strategy. Whether we’re art directing, media planning, building a brand, or curating content for social media, we’re passionate about a thorough, collaborative discovery process and problem-solving best possible impact solutions. We have more than 100 collective years of strategic leadership between our Creative Director and brand management team. There’s nothing we love more than providing value, and carrying out results that wow.


the aesthetic

Looks aren’t everything⸺until your customers are confused and not engaged. Strong visuals connect your audience to action, whether you’re launching a business, promoting a cause, or selling a product. Our award-winning designers have the technical skills your projects deserve, and the ingenuity your audiences love. We design everything from traditional media (annual reports, standard collateral pieces, brand marks and logos) to newer media (websites, email marketing, display ads, digital presentations, animations) and so much more.

On top of all that, we love a challenge! Seriously. No project is too weird for these artists.


the content

Content tells the story of who you are. In today’s world, everyone is listening. Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, government entity, or high-profile organization, our job is getting your story in front of people who will say, “Hey, I was looking for that!” Communicating your unique talent, vision, or capabilities isn’t hard – with a little help. Our team makes sure your message delivers on SEO and captivates the audiences you most want to reach.

Content in a crisis, or when things go wrong…
In the realm of Reputation Management, vulnerability is a choice. Enterprises that keep a strong brand, voice, and presence in their communities can ride out unseen variables. Our PR team knows how to take advantage of the best media opportunities (earned coverage, press conferences, milestones and celebrations, and op-eds) and how to navigate the worst (unflattering reviews, misunderstandings, social media pile-ons, and bad press). If you’re in a tight spot, take a deep breath and remember that everything in life, good and bad, is temporary. Then give us a call.



The Internet is a very, very busy place. Technology can help customers find you – IF you rise above the noise. After years of helping businesses build their brands online, there’s not much that scares our Digital Services team. Their hobbies include creating tailored strategies, locating cost-effective technologies, and adding to an extensive library of best-kept secrets.

When you’re ready for attention, we make it happen. From the initial consultation to launch day, transparency, accountability, and consistent communication are the hallmarks of our work. We geek out to data and track results so you can shift gears as new opportunities emerge.


the results

Our cohort model is a curated approach to your needs. As our client, you work with MC team members whose expertise is tailored to your projects—and you have the ability to tap additional talent as goals are met and priorities change. It’s a winning combination! From eye-catching logos to user-friendly websites, from large-scale brand launches to nuanced media strategies, we’re proud to share our many success stories. Start your next success story today.