CADC 47th Annual Awards: Celebrating creative excellence in Connecticut

By Juliet Del Rio, Digital Community Manager

At some point in our creative careers, we have all asked ourselves why we went into the artistic field. To outsiders, the subjectivity of the art world can be intimidating. Truthfully, to insiders, it is, too. There are days when your design program crashes or you have to start over your project from scratch, but then there are days when you know you’ve made something truly unique and beautiful, and those are the days you remember you are exactly where you belong — creating. 

In the design world, it’s important to surround ourselves with a supportive community and outlets for collaboration and recognition. Since 1975, the Connecticut Art Directors Club (CADC) has been doing just that. For professionals in the creative industry, the CADC is a unifier, fostering collaboration, creativity, and professional growth. Established to support and celebrate the art of visual communication, the CADC plays a pivotal role in nurturing talent, promoting innovation, and elevating Connecticut’s design standards.

Continuous learning is key to staying relevant and pushing creative boundaries in a rapidly evolving creative landscape. The CADC provides various educational resources, including workshops, seminars, and guest lectures, to empower its members with new skills and insights. By hosting industry experts and thought leaders, the club ensures that its affiliates are exposed to cutting-edge trends, techniques, and technologies.

The CADC recognizes that branding a new business is more than just marketing — it’s an art form. Numerous studies have shown that the brain processes art differently than straightforward facts, and it is through art that we can connect, inspire, and move. Richard Hollant, principal at CO:LAB, quoted in his speech at the CADC awards show, “Good design makes you think, great design makes you feel.” It is through this passion that we, as an industry, make change happen.

Check Out Our Award-Winning Work

This year, at the 47th Annual Awards Show, Miranda Creative had a lot to celebrate!

“Good design makes you think, great design makes you feel.”

Richard Hollant


Social Media: Bishop’s Orchards

Trademark/Logo/Identity: City of Groton


Business & Corporate Websites: Parkville Market

Integrated Branding Program: City of Groton

Logo Systems / Branding Guidelines: City of Groton

Social Media: Connecticut Grown

Integrated Branding Program: CT Art Trail

Logo Systems / Branding Guidelines: CT Art Trail

Non-Profit Advertisements or Direct Mail: The Darien Foundation

Miscellaneous: The Darien Foundation

In addition to the awards from Miranda Creative’s design team, our newest team member, Alex Dominguez, also received a Silver Award in Student Print / Unpublished for her work as a student.

Big News for Carissa Decelles

At the 2023 CADC Awards Show, Miranda Creative Art Director and the Brand Development Lead Carissa Decelles experienced an exciting professional achievement! After five years of serving on the board at CADC, she was announced as the club’s new Board President.

When asked about the direction she wants the club to take, Carissa replied, “We recently rewrote our mission and values and are planning to integrate students into professionals more by engaging with the state universities. The students are the future, so it’s important to connect them. We are also starting a podcast about different creatives in the state to highlight their voice and allow them to be accessed by other students and professionals. New board members mean new ideas, which is great.”

Carissa explained that her duties transitioning from Vice President to President are similar; however, now she will be more of a public face. This is a significant personal goal to check off her list, and she hopes to continue doing good design work and help the club grow.

Carissa said the CADC plans to implement more initiatives to further network creation as the club grows. The 47th Annual Awards show had an estimated 130-150 creatives in attendance, an impressive new record. The club holds other events, such as studio socials, which function as open houses for specific agencies. There’s also a student conference in the fall — the biggest student event of the year. Other new initiatives include branching out creativity with a writing workshop, among other new programs and ways to engage with the community and students. 

Connecticut has an awesome graphic design scene that you don’t see in other states. We asked Carissa, why do you think that is? “I think its location — Boston, NYC, Providence all being nearby — and cities are where design is most prevalent,” she replied, adding, “Organizations like this that have been around since the 70s foster the desire for excellence. Award shows, in particular, push people to do their best work through the momentum of inspiration.”

Carissa highlighted another significant change at CADC — it’s evolving its focus from membership to support, allowing creatives to support each other any way they can in different tiers, whether it’s as a student or as an agency.  

The Miranda Creative team looks forward to supporting Carissa in her new role as president of the Connecticut Art Directors Club!