Forward — More than a direction

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But do you always know in which direction to take that first step?

As we collectively emerge from a global pandemic, as record-high inflation is driving many families to make tough decisions, and as we try to make sense of a war raging halfway across the world (but also feels so close to home) — many of us feel rudderless, seeking pathways to regain not just normalcy, but also a better understanding of our rapidly changing world.

The changes we have endured and continue to experience impact every facet of our lives — how we educate our children, how we run our businesses, how we shop for groceries, and even how we engage with our friends, our families, our coworkers, and our peers. We’ve seen changes to technologies and how people create, share, and digest content. We have seen how the tech giants — Google, Apple, Meta — collect and hoard our data under the guise of privacy and security.

As a brand, it’s more difficult than ever to reach, engage with, and relate to your audiences — sometimes, it’s a challenge to understand who that audience is. What worked ten years ago, ten months ago… sometimes ten days ago — will not work today.

In a world that can feel like you’re playing a game in which the rules are constantly changing, where do you go from here?

The answer is forward.

It doesn’t matter if you’re headed north, or east, or south, or west — or just feeling rudderless. Regardless of the direction you take, your first step should always be forward.

Welcome to Forward — a platform to share our stories and provide updates to the Miranda Creative mission to help our communities move forward through creativity, insights and leading-edge technology.

Forward is about perseverance.

Forward is about innovation.

Forward is about renewing confidence and rejecting doubt.

Forward is more than a direction — it’s an attitude.

Change doesn’t have to intimidate or discourage — change can be a beautiful thing. Change can be the launch of fresh starts, new perspectives, and perhaps most importantly, new opportunities and possibilities. We are finding new ways to connect, reinforcing our relationships, and refusing to stand still while the world moves around us. We are moving forward.

Keep the MC Forward page bookmarked and check back for updates, our stories, our successes and our challenges — let’s move forward together.

– The Community of MC