MC Speaks: Maria Miranda + SCORE Present
“2024 – Destination: Authenti-city” Webinar

Whether the price of real estate, or copy written by Chat GPT, 2023 brought us many artificially enhanced things. Elon Musk and X (formerly known as Twitter) significantly damaged the perception of social media’s legitimacy and value. In the background of all this, student loan debt has returned and the labor market continues to shrink while interest rates continue to rise.

So, now what? 

Welcome to authenti-city — where people have online relationships with brands they trust and support local resources for things they desire (not necessarily need). 

In this engaging presentation, Maria will seek to inspire and prepare attendees with tangible media insights as well as a bit of future-sight perspective. Learn why 2024 might be the year that saves the post office and local printers and why direct sales and events will answer the need for authentic, meaningful market connection.

How do you prepare for Authenti-city? Start with this presentation. 

What: SCORE: 2024 – Destination: Authenti-CITY

Who: Miranda Creative Agency Principal Maria Miranda 

When: Thursday December 14th, 2023 Noon – 1:30

Where: Online Webinar