Thirty-five: a year to thrive.

35, in nearly every context, is a powerful and compelling number.

​It is often considered a milestone — a midway marker in our careers and professional life. For those who embrace numerology, 35 is the value applied to a combination of creativity and business acumen. If you are more spiritually inclined, 35, means you are in a state of grace with divine forces guiding you through times of change.

If you are part of the Miranda Creative community (clients, colleagues, creators), 35 represents the year 2023 when our sincere and creative company celebrates a milestone anniversary.

Because we are planners, in every sense of the word, we’ve known this special year was upon us, and for the greater part of the past 6 months, we have been preparing and considering meaningful ways to celebrate and commemorate. When we realized that the word “thrive” existed within thirty-five our direction became obvious.

In the year ahead we are dedicated to helping all aspects of our community, thrive. From creating ideal opportunities for the individuals on our team, to strategically advancing aspects of our talented cohorts to grow our organization, we are dedicated to thriving within, so that we are prepared to help the greater community thrive, as well.

We have begun our thrive initiative by directing our annual holiday funds to the purchase of pet food in support of the hidden need at regional food banks. In January, we will be setting aside a day for intensive professional development so our team is up to speed on technology and trends — positioned to succeed in the year ahead. In the months that follow we will be announcing a revised internship program; speakers bureau and events designed to educate and engage on a regional and statewide level.

Thank you, each and every one reading this new year message, for your valued role in making it possible for Miranda Creative to thrive for 3.5 decades. We could not have done it without you.

Always yours, M2